Fusion's Spring 2021 Recital

Hello Fusion family,

When I rejoined the Fusion family back in August 2020, I loved Fusion's mission. During the production of our recital, I saw my love for Fusion's mission grow.

After talking 1-1 with each individual student for recital interviews, I've realized that what we do here at Fusion is much more important that I previously thought. From smiling faces, heartfelt stories, spiritual growth, musical growth, and more–I could see firsthand that we're making a difference in these student's lives.

On behalf of Fusion School of Music, I'm proud to present the Spring 2021 Digital Recital.

Thank you for your continued support!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting Fusion School of Music. The school year and our Spring Recital would really not be possible without your support.

- Robert Melendez

Our Amazing Sponsors!

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