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This is the level at which electric guitars and acoustic guitars become distinctly different instruments. We will be focusing on higher level techniques specific to the acoustic guitar. The class will cover advanced techniques such as arpeggios, bar chords, and scales across the whole fret board. We will also discover beautiful new voicings for chords and advanced rhythm patterns. Bring a guitar and a pick to class.

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If you are brand new to guitar, or have only a little experience, this class is for you. You’ll learn basic chords, strumming styles, basic techniques, and theory in a fun, small classroom setting. Bring a guitar and a pick to class.

Guitar Playing



This class is for students who have learned basic open chords and is fairly comfortable with some strumming styles and patterns. You will be introduced to new chords, some additional strumming patterns, scales and guitar riffs. Bring a guitar and a pick to class.

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