Bass Guitar Strings


A White Bass Guitar



This class is for students who want to take their musical skill to the next level. We'll work extensively on developing fills, learn more advanced scales, and work on fine tuning the student's ear by improvising to drum loops. The student's knowledge of the fretboard will be greatly expanded as well. This class will help develop the expertise needed to play more challenging worship music, while providing the tools to be a better musician overall.

Bass Guitar Strings



If you've never played bass before, this is the class for you! We'll spend time getting to know the instrument, learning to tune, and practice basic chords and plucking patterns. By the end of this class, you'll be able to play basic rhythms and even a song or two!

Close Up View of Bass Guitar Strings



This class is for students who have played bass before and have a basic understanding of the fretboard, as well as plucking technique. In this class, we'll expand on that knowledge. Students will learn new chords, more complex plucking techniques, will be introduced to scales, and will practice getting in sync with a drum beat. By the end of this class, the student will have the tools to play along to any worship song on a basic level.

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